Your Mess, God’s Miracle

Bestselling author and pastor Samuel Rodriguez reminds us that our God is still God–even in the midst of our mess–and while his process is temporary, his promise is permanent. Here is the practical, hope-infused roadmap for anyone with the audacity to replace fear with faith and walk through their mess and into God’s miracle.


Most people are weary and discouraged right now. Inspired by the story of Elisha’s faithfulness, bestselling author Samuel Rodriguez helps you tap into the power of persevering with hope amid the dark times in which we live. This book will help you persevere, break free and discover the assignment, anointing, and authority God has waiting for you.

Power for Your Day Devotional: 45 Days to Finding More Purpose and Peace in Your Life

Inspired by the faithfulness and courage of the great biblical prophets Elijah and Elisha, bestselling author Samuel Rodriguez explores the power of persevering with hope amid the dark times in which we live. In this compelling 45-day devotional, Pastor Sam helps you stand on the truth of God’s Word to push through your circumstances, discover direction for the season you’re in, learn how to persevere, get your family and dreams back, and receive every blessing from God.

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