By Jeannie Law , Christian Post Reporter | Nov 14, 2018 10:11 AM
Christian digital broadcast television network TBN Salsa, the English speaking network run by Latinos and owned by Trinity Broadcasting Network, is campaigning cable providers to include the network in its offerings.
Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and a key advisor to the TBN Salsa network since it’s inception, took to social media last week with a message for his thousands of supporters concerning TBN Salsa. The California-based minister encouraged people to watch his sermons on his show “New Season,” which broadcasts on the Salsa network and asked them to petition their cable providers to get TBN Salsa on cable, everywhere.
“Step into your New Season with @pastorsamuelrodriguez on @tbnsalsa!” Rodriguez, who is also and editorial advisor for The Christian Post, posted on Instagram.
“Can’t view @tbnsalsa on your television? Contact your cable provider TODAY requesting that they carry TBN Salsa,” he added.

(PHOTO:INSTAGRAM/SAMUEL RODRIGUEZ)New Season with @pastorsamuelrodriguez on TBN Salsa, 2018.

The four-year-old network is the only one of its kind. It is run by Latinos with the goal of reaching English-speaking, second-generation, Hispanic people across the United States. The channel offers a mix of religious, educational, entertainment and family-oriented programming.
As it stands, Salsa programmers say the network reaches over 40 million homes throughout the U.S. but they are hoping to expand their reach by getting cable companies to pick up the channel and share the Christian message with even more people.
The network created a petition on that will be presented to seven major cable providers throughout the U.S.
“TBN Salsa is rapidly growing in popularity with young and old Latinos looking for a faith-based TV channel built for them,” the petiton explains.
Rodriguez believes that with more than 50 million Latinos all over the country, the Hispanic community is a “vital part” of America’s fabric both culturally and spiritually.
“Latinos are serious about faith and family, and our nation is in deep need of help and healing in both of those areas,” Rodriguez said, according to
“We believe the time is right to take the best of Hispanic worship, music, ministry, and family programming, and reach out across the American landscape with a network that entertains, inspires, encourages, and offers life-changing truth. The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference is honored to partner with TBN in the launch of TBN Salsa. Together we will reach next-generation English speaking Latinos with the gospel of Jesus Christ,” he continued.
According to the website, TBN’s president, Matthew Crouch, also believes the TBN Salsa network is a great opportunity to reach even more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
TBN as a whole has six broadcast networks, including Salsa, which reaches all over the world, 24 hours a day, with the “message of God’s grace,” Crouch said.
To find out how to view TBN Salsa on television, contact your cable provider. For more infromation, visit the website.
Disclosure: This reporter hosts a show on TBN Salsa.